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John LileyPDF • June 2009, p7
Monthly Column: Don't leave home without your ice podger
JOHN LILEY at Cowroast; the licence-gatherer appeared at the moment critique and again the air turned blue. It was blue enough anyway, for this was the coldest snap for many a year and the canal…

John LileyPDF • January 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY Barges cost more than narrowboats and can't fit through many locks - yet, for many boaters, there is simply no comparison. Our columnist explains why hat got you into barges? As distinct…

John LileyPDF • March 2012, p7
Should the Canal & River Trust promote freight?
COLUMN JOHN LILEY JOHN LILEY FREIGHT EXPECTATIONS Freight brings purpose and prosperity to the waterways of mainland Europe, but seems to have little future on Britain's canals.

John LileyPDF • October 2012, p9
Monthly column
COLUMN JOHN LILEY JOHN LILEY Long looking tired, a waterway in northern France is taking on new life, as John explains' CANAL DE CALAIS RENAISSANCE A cross the fields from the Autoroute, the…

John LileyPDF • November 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY Narrowboat development? John suggests it's a long time a'coming' When I joined Motor Boat & Yachting in 1963, canals in that magazine were occasionally mentioned - but only occasionally.

John LileyPDF • March 2010, p7
Monthly Column: Steering a barge along Continental waterways doesn't have to be daunting
e Lileys' middle son, Arthur, the one in black in the photo, was the first to appreciate that, in a canal, where, for complicated reasons, the stern gets dragged one way or the other, it saves a lot…

John LileyPDF • November 2010, p7
Below: Heather and James May, here on the Trent & Mersey. Waterways World November 2010 7 Liley.indd 7 1/10/10 14:59:31

John LileyPDF • November 2007, p7
Monthly column
JOHN LILEY Once, being a "waterway enthusiast" was a put-down - now it's a badge of pride. Our columnist wishes there were even more of them ou're an enthusiast, aren't you?" The speaker was Sir…

John LileyPDF • January 2009, p7
Monthly Column
… and friends ventured gingerly forth in a pleasure boat' I JOHN LILEY n late 1968, through great good fortune, a group of friends and myself Sainte Michele in the lock at Cercy-la-Tour on the…

John LileyPDF • February 2009, p7
Monthly Column: River Bug
cinematic gift. Was the vessel still over in France, he asked. JOHN LILEY Waterways World February 2009 7 john lilley.indd 1 8/1/09 2:32:14 pm

John LileyPDF • May 2009, p7
Monthly Column: Horse-boating isn't always as idyllic as it first looks
JOHN LILEY a kind of gearing, so that if one beast stood still the other could heave with advantage. At an average of one kilometre an hour they got in the way of the motorised barges, which could…

John LileyPDF • November 2011, p7
Monthly column - fog on the water
e dent could have been pontoon-shaped that time. LEFT: A freight barge in autumn, on the Canal de Briare. Waterways World November 2011 7 Liley.indd 7 30/9/11 13:54:22

John LileyPDF • March 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY The Shirley and Dudley Show might sound like a variety act. For John, it was the start of an obsession hen my father, in 1952, took us on a canal trip it was far from a fashionable thing…

John LileyPDF • April 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY Are too many boats spoiling our rural canals? John makes a plea for urban waterways to take the load 35 years ago, moorings in the Netherlands were being built in towns - while we were…

John LileyPDF • May 2008, p9
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY A new season looms for the Luciole, and John is hoping for easier preparation this year' Who would believe it? Before and after scenes on the Luciole.

John LileyPDF • July 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY Tired of jostling for mooring space in the towns, John considers a trip up-country to la France profonde' hen and now: those pictures showing change on the waterways often come as a jolt.

John LileyPDF • August 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY Financial crisis biting? No better time to buy a boat - or that's what John thought 33 years ago' B efore we began with the Luciole we ran another hotelbarge on the waterways of France.

John LileyPDF • October 2008, p7
Monthly Column
JOHN LILEY Slipways are still prized by trail-boaters - but as John discovers, one in Burgundy was put to a rather different use in World War II' A German landing-craft on the road between Auxerre…

John LileyPDF • March 2009, p9
Monthly Column: Is it time to resurrect the 'canalbusting' spirit?
JOHN LILEY Boats galore: the Inland Waterways Association Rally at Leicester in 1967. manager figure from British Waterways, in practice a lobbyist for all that was wrong at the time, a bamboozler…

John LileyPDF • April 2009, p7
Monthly Column: Luciole goes to the Midi
JOHN LILEY the implications of getting her out, we hired Bob Quarman, the regular pilote, to help us through the tricky bits. In the locks of the Midi, which are many, I would alight at the bow…

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